Mongolian market Narantuul

Narantuul is a big local market in Ulan Bator, in 20 minutes walking from  Chinggis Khan Square. It covers an area of 17 hectares. There are two parts: an indoor market and an outdoor market.

Монголия горнолыжный курорт

Sky Resort — the biggest ski resort in Mongolia

Sky resort is situated on the slopes of Bogd-Khan mountain, 13 kilometres far from Ulan Bator. Besides skiing Sky Resort visitors can enjoy snowboarding, biathlon and tubing.

монгольский борц

Mongolian cured meat — borts

At every mongolian supermarket you can find different packages with the same label «borts».  No, it’s not a mistake and not the name of the traditional Ukranian soup «borscht», this is dried meat. The word «borts» comes from the Mongolian «bortslokh» — «dry meat».

Монголия Зайсан

Memorial complex «Zaisan»

Memorial complex «Zaisan» is located in the south of Ulaanbaatar. Breaking the path of 300 steps, you can lift to the observation platform with a diameter of 23 meters on the Zaisan-Tolgoi hill.

The largest mongolian ger

In 2018, the largest yurt was registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The Mongolian ger was installed in the southeast of the country, in the Khatanbulag sum, located 650 km from Ulaanbaatar. Construction began in May 2017 and lasted 4 months.

музыканты морин хуур

The Morin Khuur — Mongolian national musical instrument

Morin khuur is a Mongolian national musical instrument. In 2008, UNESCO included it in the list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

первая стрижка у детей в Монголии

Baby’s first haircut in Mongolia — ritual «taah»

In a traditional Mongolian family, a baby’s the first haircut is a very important ritual. According to the old tradition, boys have first haircut at the age of 3-5, and girls — at 2-4. The tradition is rooted deep in history, when there was a high infant mortality rate in Mongolia.

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