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Memorial complex «Zaisan»

Memorial complex «Zaisan» is located in the south of Ulaanbaatar. Breaking the path of 300 steps, you can lift to the observation platform of the Zaisan-Tolgoi hill. It offers a view of the capital of Mongolia and the Tola river. 

Монголия Зайсан

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The memorial is dedicated to the Soviet and Mongolian soldiers who fell in the battles near Khalkhin Gol during the armed conflict between Japan and Mongolia in 1939.

Until 1971, there was only an obelisk on the hill. And in 1979, on the 40th anniversary of the events, the construction of a whole memorial complex was completed according to the project of a group of architects from the USSR and the Mongolian People’s Republic. Mongolian architect Ayuuryn Khishigt was the head of the project.

On the platform there is a decorative huge ring with a diameter of 23 meters. Artists J. Urzhine and B. Dorzhkhand decorated the inner side of the three-meter walls of the ring with mosaics. The plots of the images tell about the military commonwealth of the Soviet and Mongolian armies. Military orders, medals and a national ornament are carved on the outside of the ring.

At the entrance to the platform there is a concrete spire and a statue of a soldier, and in the center there is a red granite bowl, designed for eternal fire. Near the memorial wall, you can find urns with earth from different regions of Mongolia where battles took place: from the city of Altan-Bulak, Lake Tolbonur, from the banks of the Khalkhin-Gol River. And also there is an urn with earth from Brest, as a symbol of courage and perseverance.

At the moment, Zaisan is one of the favorite locations for walking. In 2009, the memorial was restored and lighting was installed. A wreath-laying ceremony is held here every year on the 9th of May.

Монголия Зайсан Монголия Зайсан

Photo: Gary Todd/, Tohuchar/

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