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Mongolian market Narantuul

Narantuul is a big local market in Ulan Bator, in 20 minutes walking from  Chinggis Khan Square. It covers an area of 17 hectares. There are two parts: an indoor market and an outdoor market.

рынок Наран Туул

The indoor market sells food, cleaning products, housewares, utensils, and clothes.
The outdoor market is in the tourists’ attention as it sells some authentic Mongolian things: horse tacks, ger furniture, traditional shoes/boots, hats, Buddhist and Shamanic items, carpets, fabric and souvenirs.

Shopping tours are often organized in Mongolia, the Naran tuul market is a must-visit place in such trips. Usually people buy here some souvenirs for friends, relatives and for themselves. But sometimes tourists prefer to take woolen carpets or leather belts. Especially visitors are pleased with the prices of goods, which, as a rule, are not so high. You will find a large selection of clothing, antiques, furniture and a range of Chinese goods. And to the right of the main entrance there is an auto parts market.

Наран туул Монголия ковры Наран туул унты

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The market is notorious for pickpockets. Keep your belongings safe!

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